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Razer Gigantus V2, Review, Achieve a balance between speed and control


Razer Gigantus V2

Razerthink – THE MOUSEPAD IS VERY IMPORTANT before I discuss the Razer Gigantus V2 Mousepad for PC gamers. Your gaming mouse will not be perfect if it is not matched with a good quality mousepad, it will be challenging to react without a mousepad. The ideal mouse movement is a combination of speed and control, this is where the mouse and mousepad go hand in hand, and every action must be reliable so you can shoot precisely every time.

Razer thinks they have a solution by releasing several mousepads, including the new Gigantus V2 Mousepad. Available in standard mouse mat sizes up to 3XL table mat. This is, of course, a giant mouse mat, but if you’re not a fan of big mouse mats, don’t worry. Despite the name, Razer has also provided native sizes: Medium (360 x 275 x 3mm), Large (450 x 400 x 3mm), and XXL (940 x 410 x 4mm).

What’s very different is that Razer combines Speed ​​and Control on the Razer Gigantus V2; when I bought the Goliathus Mousepad, I had to choose between the “Speed” or “Control” edition. But now that they’ve put it together, the Razer Gigantus V2 is a gorgeous Mousepad, and it suits me perfectly.




The Razer Gigantus V2 mousepad features a soft mouse surface that offers a mix of control and speed and is in size to meet the style needs of every gamer. Sizes start from medium and extend up to 3XL in the following sizes (in inches):

  • Medium: 14.17 x 10.83 x 0.12 inches (3mm thick)
  • Large: 17.72 x 15.75 x 0.12 inches (3mm thick)
  • XXL: 37 x 16.14 x 0.15 inches (4mm thick)
  • 3XL: 47.24 x 21.65 x 0.15 inches (4mm thick)

The Razer Gigantus V2 mousepad has identical functionality. The Razer New Mousepad is a soft cushion; they use a sewn top on the bottom, covered in rubber. This inherently makes them look inclined towards control rather than speed due to the suppleness of the foam rubber body; however, at its peak, it is a combination of speed and control. “woven for speed, made for control”. Razer uses micro-stitching to help the overall speed of these pads without having to feel “fast”. Razer binds these pads with a high-density yet quite porous rubber foam. There is a slight effect when pressed with a finger.

Combined with the micro-woven top surface, you have a mouse pad that offers control while still offering enough speed for high-intensity first-person shooters. The mousepad also has a non-slip rubber base that keeps the pad on the table even in those crucial moments where I need to make quick, big swipes from one side to the other.

The appearance of the Razer Gigantus V2 mousepad is straightforward. Compared to the old Razer mousepads, which had the large Razer logo printed all over the surface, there was only a subtle black finish with slight Razer green accents surrounding the mat. The Razer logo is still there, don’t get me wrong, but it’s out of the way, in the top right corner.






I feel very comfortable playing Valorant, CS, GO, and RPG Games. Tracking the mouse feels smooth, especially if you play with low DPI settings. There is still a high level of control, and the mouse doesn’t feel too slippery when gliding across the mat. Woven for speed, made for control’ is what Razer says about this pad on the Razer website. I’m more interested since light mice, and PTFE feet have become so common in gaming mice. I thank Razer for bringing out the Razer Gigantus V2, which gave me an almost perfect combination of good glide speed (once you get started) and lots of stopping power—combined with a reasonably rugged feel to make more minor adjustments easier to make.






What’s lacking on the Razer Gigantus V2 is the non-stitched edges. Oddly, they chose not to sew the edges because the first versions of this pad did have that. I tend to prefer stitched edges for long term durability, but it does get annoying at times in the play.


  • Affordable custom printing
  • Many size options
  • Good mix of speed and control
  • Dense rubber base
  • Low price


  • No stitching on the edges

Price And Customs


The Razer Gigantus V2 manages to strike a delicate balance between speed and control; the Razer Gigantus V2 mouse mat is excellent, which offers a comfortable feel on the wrist, especially the more significant, thicker version. As well as the many size options, you can choose which one is more suitable for you in terms of size.

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