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Razer Nommo Pro, Review, High-Quality Audio For Games, Movies, Music


Razer Nommo Pro Review

Razerthink – Razer is now one of the most well-known game manufacturers of gear and accessories globally; by making products ranging from gaming mice, Razer was the first to headsets, keyboards, and equipment to meet the needs for playing other games. And now that Razer is getting serious about a speaker, we were intrigued when we got the chance to review the Razer Nommo Pro speaker. But are they worth the high price tag, or are you better off with something cheaper?

Razer’s Nommo Pro speaker system is markedly improved over previous Razer Nommo models, both in terms of the speakers themselves and in price. Razer Nommo Pro Raze for $499.99 is many times the cost of the Razer Nommo Chroma speaker, which is a bit disappointing but still good for sound, but the extra money is justifiable in terms of performance, in my opinion.

While the most significant change is the addition of an included subwoofer, the Razer Nommo Pro satellite speakers also get a substantial upgrade via a separate tweeter that gives the system much-needed high-end proficiency. The Razer Nommo Pro goes all out for its price. This is a beautiful and powerful set of gaming speakers, with several colourful flourishes and various valuable modes. At the heart of Razer’s Nommo Pro is an excellent sound system that will fine-tune your gaming setup.

It provides balanced audio and a wide soundstage for better enjoyment. This is the ultimate 2.1 gaming sound system that offers an audiophile level of sound quality to enhance your gaming sessions every time. However, there are still some shortcomings in it even though it’s not, in my opinion, in terms of sound quality. One of the cables is too short. And the thing is, it costs more, and the satellite speakers and subwoofer are pretty bulky.




At a glance

  • THX Certified full range 2.1 gaming speakers 
  • Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology
  • Illuminated control pod with accessible, quick access functions

Tech Specs

  • 2×3 inch full-range drivers (1 x per speaker)
  • 2×3 inch full-range drivers (1x per speaker)
  • 1 x downward-firing subwoofer
  • Frequency response: 35 – 20,000hz
  • USB connection
  • Bluetooth 4.2 connection
  • Optical connection
  • 3.5mm connection
  • Control pod featuring power, volume, mute, pairing, and source control functions
  • Razer Chroma™ enabled

System Requirements

  • Product Requirements
  • PC/Mac with a free USB port
  • Razer Synapse Requirements
  • Windows®7/Mac OS X 10.9 (or higher)
  • Internet connection
  • 100 MB of free hard disk space

Package Contents

  • Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 gaming speakers
  • 3.5mm audio cable
  • Power adapter with interchangeable plugs
  • Important Product Information Guide





The Razer Nommo Pro consists of a large cylindrical subwoofer (15.4 x 10.6 inches), two desktop speakers (10.5 x 5.1 inches each), and a small circular USB control dongle.

Fill Box

The Razer Nommo Pro comes in a large cardboard package featuring an illustration of the 2.1 speaker system. You’ll find it in front of the box, and its name is written in the lower-left corner.

  • Razer Nommo Pro 2.1 Gaming Speakers
  • 2x Full Range Speakers
  • 6-inch subwoofer
  • Audio Control Pod
  • Optical Cable
  • 3.5mm Audio Cable
  • Power Cord




The two Razer Nommo Pro satellites stand at 11.5 inches tall, each with a pair of nearly horizontal black tubes mounted on black disk-shaped mounts. On each speaker, the larger 5.2 by 6.7-inch canister (HW) houses a 3-inch midrange driver with plenty of room to resonate, while the smaller 2.2-by-6.7-inch tube above houses a 0.8-inch tweeter. All in all, very sturdy build quality, matte black metal that surrounds the driver with no exposed grille. WHEN ACTIVATED, the RGB light ring under the disc-shaped base lights up in a programmable colour pattern.

The subwoofer is shaped like a black drum measuring 15.3 by 10.7 inches with drivers pointing down 6 inches. The bass port is on the top panel, providing room for all the air the driver moves. The subwoofer drum is like a barrel sitting on three short legs mounted on a disc-shaped base. A panel on the side of the subwoofer holds the ports for the rest of the speaker system, making the sub-work a wired hub. Each satellite has its multi-pin barrel connector, beneath which is a wired control pod. The optical audio and USB-B port are located below the control pod connector, followed by the power button and the connector for the power cable. All cables are sturdy, thick, and wrapped in black braided fabric.




The command pod is rendered like a 2.4-inch wide black chip switch that doubles as the Razer Nommo Pro controller. The top panel of the chip holds the power button is protruding within an LED ring that displays the current volume level and audio input. The top half of the side of the disc rotates freely, providing direct volume control. The chip’s base doesn’t move and has two 3.5mm ports: a headphone jack and an auxiliary audio input. A switch between the ports cycles through the Razer Nommo Pro’s four audio inputs (Bluetooth, Aux, Optical, USB).

Installation is a relatively straightforward process. Razer’s little user guide is comprehensive and well-illustrated. It has separate sections, each focusing on the situation in which you want to use your room’s speakers. What’s disappointing is that, First, in such an expensive system, one wonders if a USB control dongle can become a wireless remote-control peripheral. Second, all of the included cables are very short, so you’ll need to keep your entire setup very close. This can be inconvenient if your entertainment centre fills the whole wall of your living room.




Connectivity and Lighting

In terms of connecting, the connectivity features are awe-inspiring. TheRazer Nommo Pro works with PCs and Macs via USB, but the optical input allows the speaker system to work with any TV, game console, or media player with optical output. Bluetooth is a spare feature, and 3.5mm serves as a backup, although it’s the most reliable system with all digital audio sources.

The subwoofer has inputs for connecting left and right speakers and a control pod, and underneath is optical and USB inputs for connecting to a console or PC. The control puck also has a 3.5mm analogue input, so you can plug in older devices if you wish, and a 3.5mm output for headphones. You can also choose between different inputs by clicking below the volume wheel. You can switch between Bluetooth (v4.2), USB, analogue, or optical input.

Switching between inputs is seamless; though, To get even more control, you can download the Razer app, which lets you choose lighting effects, and more importantly, you can change the sound. First, you can enable or disable Dolby Audio and THX. You can adjust the bass via the slider in the app to add more boom or remove it if it’s too much.




Performance and Key Features of the Razer Nommo Pro


But what I love most about the Razer Nommo Pro is the incredible sound quality. This speaker will instantly deliver an expansive soundstage with clear sound and deep bass. Playing racing games that I downloaded on my phone connected via audio jack becomes more accurate; the sound of a racing car engine feels up to your body. Likewise, the sound of explosions when playing FPS games such as Valorant and CS; GO. The sound of the pounding of the enemy’s feet and the sound of the team providing information also sounded clear and transparent so that it made us feel like we were in the game.

And playing Overwatch also sounded jarring through the Razer Nommo Pro, thanks to the subwoofer. The system’s THX Spatial Audio option gives a lot of depth to the game where you need to know where your opponent is. Gunfire takes a lot of hits while keeping the unique sound of each character’s weapon. This feature works great in Overwatch. Sound is heard clearly above the booming low end, thanks to a separate tweeter on each satellite that provides a high-frequency response that a single driver on the Razer Nommo Chroma cannot offer.

Performance in Music

The Razer Nommo Pro can also handle Music, which is expected given its reasonably high price tag. EQ settings for Music are much better for playing stereo music than THX or Dolby modes. THX and Dolby sound processing can make the sound appear much bigger and more powerful with some low-end sculpting to bring out the subwoofer rumble, but it also grinds up some of the high-frequency finesse that satellites are capable of. In Music mode, the more harmonious notes of non-bass instruments, vocals, and rain-like vinyl streaks are heard clearly. Heartbeat-like drum beats can still listen to a lot, but they’re balanced and don’t overwhelm the rest of the mix.

Performance in watching movies

The Razer Monno Pro’s ability to watch movies also makes us feel like we have a small cinema at home. Dolby Virtual Surround Sound technology transforms your audio by creating an immersive cinematic presence. You’ll feel the action through the audio no matter where you set up your Razer Nommo Pro. I tested it via a USB connection to a PC, and the results were very satisfying. The sound sounds very clear with a fairly accurate position. While the sound of the bass boom also said solid and felt. Again, the EQ settings are well worth it for me, but different movies will require different settings.

THX Certified Premium Sound

The Razer Nommo Pro is packed with premium components. These include a silk-woven tweeter and 3-inch drivers covered with Dupont Kevlar fibre drivers. The THX certification is not only a rigorous exam; it is also an expensive process that manufacturers have to go through. Certification-verified quality is undeniable, but the cost of the process can deter small companies from getting certified. Dedicated Razer engineers tuned the Razer Nommo Pro to its full potential. You’re guaranteed to hear great, clean, full audio perfect for your entertainment with it.


To use and take advantage of these sound systems, download the Razer Synapse 3 desktop software. Razer’s free Synapse software for Windows and OS X. Direct control of speaker sound and lighting functions, including THX and Dolby audio enhancement features and eight-band EQ that can be customised. This app will give you essential control over speaker volume and bass level. I can use the slider to adjust various frequencies, even stereo mode. You can modify the subwoofer’s overall bass boost. This is also a nice touch.

For lighting control, it’s the same as Razer Nommo Chroma. We can choose between spectrum cycling, static, and wave effects, plus brightness control is also present. We can also create our Chroma effects via an advanced studio. Overall, it’s simple but effective and gave us complete control over the main areas we wanted the speaker system to be. In addition, it is straightforward to use. For Razer Fanboys, this is a very familiar and easy thing.



  • Excellent sound quality
  • Wide soundstage
  • Powerful, bass-heavy sound.
  • Crisp, clean music performance.
  • Four simultaneous sources
  • Customisable software
  • Unique and futuristic satellite speaker design
  • The subwoofer is potent
  • There is an RGB light on the satellite speaker


  • Expensive
  • Short cables


The Razer Nommo Pro is now available on the Razer website for US$599.99




There’s no denying this is high-quality audio for games and movies. Plus, it’s easy to use, and I’ve had no problems. I also appreciate the options offered by the software utility as it allows customising the audio to my liking. The device can handle directional sound like a headset with high fidelity, thanks to its THX certification. Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or someone who enjoys watching movies, we highly recommend the Razer Nommo Pro.

Razer Nommo Pro is an excellent choice if looking for a complete sound system to enhance your entertainment. I think buying this is the choice to buy using emotions, not rationally considering the price. Still, the very premium quality behind the price will make you emotionally satisfied and forget the price.

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