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Razer Enki Pro, Review, Enki Pro is as comfortable as Razer claims, Price


Razer Enki Pro Review

Razerthink – The Razer Enki Pro gaming chair is undeniably a premium chair; this new Pro Model is from their Razer Enki, initially released in October last year. With a few upgrades tucked away here, the $999 Enki Pro, Razer’s newest iteration in the Enki family of premium gaming chairs, seems to be for those who sit 12 hours or more. But actually, you can already get a suitable seat in gaming optics for under 100 Euros. However, you’ll have to dig deep if you’re serious and don’t want to do without the essential features.

If you’re used to sitting in the best gaming chairs, you’ll know what the Razer Enki Pro is all about; Razer’s latest take on comfort, ergonomics, and build quality has the potential to win over even the most expert of chairs, and a few tweaks might help achieve perfection. In short, the Razer Enki pro seems to have many benefits not only for the eyes but also for the back’s health. We took a look at the Razer Enki Pro and will let you know if the horrendous price tag is worth what you’re getting.




Razer Enki Pro Specifications

Recommended maximum weight 136 kg
Recommended height

Total Height (with base)

Backrest Height

Backrest Width (Shoulder Level) 

Seating Area Width (Total)

Seating Area Depth

Armrest Height


between 166 cm and 204 cm

49.60 – 55.11 inches (126 -140cm)

33.46 inches (85cm)

22.04 inches (56cm)

20.86  inches (53cm)

22.44 inches (57cm)


152 Degrees

Color Green and black
Materials Base consisting of steel frame and aluminum base. Covered in premium EPU synthetic leather and Alcantara.
Armrests 4D metal reinforced armrests
Casters 60 mm casters with PU coating
Cushion High density PU molded foam
Tilt angle backrest Up to 152 degrees
Headrest Magnetic Memory Foam Headrest
Warranty 36 months
Price US$999.00


Design and Assembly

The Enki Pro is larger and wider than its predecessor. At its widest point, the seat on the Enki Pro measures around 55cm, while the Enki measures around 54cm. The widest shoulder for the Enki Pro measures 55cm, while the Enki is only 50cm. You may think ‘the difference is only a few centimeters, but wait until you feel it yourself. The Enki has a much slimmer design that starts slim and then gets wider the further away from your spine. The Enki Pro, however, has a rectangular seat, almost like a bucket.

You’ll notice that wide bases with bucket seats exist now, and while the Enki Pro isn’t exactly what we’d consider a full bucket seat, it’s a pretty decent effort when you compare it to previous Razer chairs.




Installing the Razer Enki Pro is straightforward

This chair comes with a pair of assembly gloves, making the experience feel like you’re handing over a work of art. It takes about 10-15 minutes to build and only requires a second pair of hands to attach the main body of the chair to the base, which is always easier with two people. But there’s nothing wrong or out of place here: it can be built by one person.

It’s also worth noting that this isn’t a single unit, nor is it as heavy and bulky as Iskur – it’s a slightly smaller chair in every way, which certainly makes its construction a little easier. Once built, the build quality also gives you confidence. The backs feature Razer diamond-coated cushioning with a long stripe that runs down the center of the seat and the same headrest design.

The Enki Pro also features the Razer snake logo on the headrests and has the same green stitching on the sides of the seats. Like the Enki, the Enki Pro also has built-in lumbar support. The Razer Enki pro will be very subjective, and, unlike the Iskur, the Enki also comes in three different colors; the Green variant we tested, the whole black model, and the Razer Quartz model.





Customization, Comfort & Performance

The Enki Pro looks like a car seat. You’ll want to adjust the peak and slope to suit your stature, but the seat’s automotive controls make this easy. The bucket shape of the Enki Pro also really made my car seat feel uncomfortable, so I think I bought Razer to thank it for setting my needs bigger. Suppose you have low back pain problems. Enki pro may be your solution, but it mostly doesn’t immediately relieve the pain you are experiencing. But Razer’s main focus with this chair is improving your posture, so you can avoid bad habits that cause back pain in the first place.

Enki Pro puts him in a winning position.

The Razer Enki pro is an ergonomic chair that almost feels like it strengthens your posture; Razer’s built-in lumbar curvature seems to convince your spine to play well. This is especially noticeable at the end of the workday, as ascending from the throne comes with less stretching and significantly reduced back pain.

The Razer Enki Pro also has a reactive seat tilt so that you can easily recline into the seat up to 152 degrees. This chair also features a weight-adjustable tilt mechanism that ensures you don’t fall backward when you lean back. These mechanics keep you in your favorite playing position.

The Enki Pro also features a 4D armrest that offers fully adjustable positioning. They can be raised and lowered, brought toward your body, moved further, and twisted diagonally. This way, you can sit down and place your arms however you want, whether you desire your forearms to rest on the armrests or comfortably behind your elbows. Either way, you’ll find out what works best for you.




Alcantara and Premium Sustainable Leatherette

Enki Pro has been coated with Alcantara and Premium Sustainable Leatherette. Alcantara is a soft microfiber-like suede that is a common substitute for leather and vinyl in car seats, so it feels like you’re sitting in a car. The material is soft and supple, so the Enki Pro is far superior when it comes to comfort.

Recline dial

The Enki Pro comes with a new recline dial as opposed to the recline lever, as seen on Razer seats (and, frankly, many other brands). The dial gives you more control with angles and allows you to lean back smoothly compared to levers that are awkward and, quite often, hard, lean, or protrude. Using the dial is a bit of a learning curve, but there’s no denying that it moves smoothly and gives you more control once you get the hang of it.





  • Comfortable materials
  • Simple assembly
  • Quality build
  • Lots of adjustment options
  • Stylish design
  • Decent back support
  • Cheaper than the Iskur
  • Virtually silent while moving or sitting down onto the chair


  • Expensive
  • Not great for shorter people


The Razer Enki Pro is now available on the Razer website for US$999.00


$1,000 is a lot of cash for a chair, but if the Enki Pro is as comfortable as Razer claims, it could be well worth it for serious gamers who spend hours in front of their PC. At this price, the Enki Pro will likely appeal to fans of the brand, as well as the seat’s main star, Alcantara upholstery. It provides a premium look and a much more comfortable seating experience than regular leather or synthetic chairs.

If you’re on a tight budget but want to keep a feel for Razer’s technology, you can always check out the Razer Iskur or its predecessor Enki.

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