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Razer Enki Review, Chair, Gaming, Price


Razer Enki

Razerthink – Razer has again proven itself to be a force to be reckoned with in the gaming world. The Razer Enki is the follow-up to the Razer Iskur chair brand, which is at the top of the gaming chair. The Razer Enki is arguably the new entry-level gaming chair from hardware giant Razer and still looks to offer great customization, comfort, and positioning without breaking the bank. It’s technically a gaming chair built for all-day use, making it a better choice for those who want fewer gaming chairs and more comfortable office chairs. However, neither has the mechanical lumbar curvature found in Iskur.

Razer makes up for it with a much lower starting price of $399. I’d also argue that Razer Enki’s main feature, the extra-cushioned seat cushion, makes it a very viable option. I can say that the chair is designed with high-quality materials. No aggressive racing seat designs here. A lower price tag offsets all the downsides, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that stays comfortable in the most extended gaming sessions. I highly recommend the Razer Enki. However, the Razer Enki wanted to shift its focus back to the look of the conventional seat, with Razer’s edgy design, while maintaining solid lumbar support with new internal mechanisms. This makes Razer Enki not only comfortable but also an excellent room decoration.


Total Height (with base) 49.60 – 55.11 inches (126 -140cm)
Backrest Height 33.46 inches (85cm)
Backrest Width (Shoulder Level) 22.04 inches (56cm)
Seating Area Width (Total) 20.86  inches (53cm)
Seating Area Depth 22.44 inches (57cm)
Armrest Height 4D
Recline 152 Degrees
Recommended Maximum Weight 299 pounds (136kg)
Casters 60mm PU coated casters
Warranty 1 year
Extra Neck pillow, gloves (builder’s gauntlets)




Speaking of the assembly process, I set it up pretty quickly with no issues. The instructions are clear, and the tools they provide feel a bit higher quality than the regular disposable kits provided with other chairs. Assembling the Razer Enki is easy and fast, even if you’ve never built a gaming chair before. All the hardware you’ll need in the box, including a hex wrench with a large plastic handle.

The estimated time is maybe fifteen or twenty minutes of assembly to be safe, or you can use additional tools to speed things up, such as a drill. During the process, I only had one problem: some of the holes didn’t align properly when connecting the seat and backrest. So, I had to lean the back of the chair in the correct position, But other than that, the process was smooth and super fast.






This chair (Razer Enki) is made of two materials, synthetic leather, and soft textured fabric. The leather around the edges of the seat and textured fabric in the center of the seat where your body tends to be in the middle. The fabric centerpiece makes the chair more comfortable than others when I wear shorts because there is no uncomfortable friction between my skin and the material, which can sometimes happen with all leather chairs. The cushioning is also breathable, so it helps prevent the inevitable thigh sweat that can come with sitting in a leather chair in warmer weather. The synthetic leather cover strikes the right balance between comfort and durability, plus a steel frame to give the Razer Enki a reasonably solid build.

The cushion is made of textured high-density PU molded foam on the back and seat, designed to provide firmer back support with a soft base for maximum posterior comfort. The pads easily hold up to hours of Gaming. The seat shoulders are nice and wide, measuring 22 inches (56cm) to accommodate broad shoulders and give the seat a more throne-like feel. The seats are also made wider than average, and I feel this provides comfort for people with a broader back and makes room for those who might put their heels on or cross their legs on the chair while waiting in line for games.




More comprehensive is the better choice

The seat shoulders are nice and wide, measuring 22 inches (56cm) to accommodate broad shoulders and give the seat a more throne-like feel. The seats are also made wider than average, and I feel this provides comfort for people with a broader back and makes room for those who might put their heels on or cross their legs on the chair while waiting in line for games. More comprehensive is the better choice, but not wide enough to make you feel like sitting on a small sofa.

The Razer Enki offers a 152-degree tilt, which I think is almost perfect for kicking back with a controller. It can also support users 5′ 5″ to 6′ 8″ and less than 300 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of potential users. As for the seat color, I also like the simple all-black option with green accents and threads. It’s a stylish and modern design, something Razer has been known to include in most of its products.


The Razer Enki chair has several key features that set it apart from its competitors, one of which is of the defining factors of this chair is the built-in lower-waist support. Razer decided to continue its trend of including built-in lower back support in the Razer Enki, as it did before with the hanging cushion attached but still external to the Iskur gaming chair. However, the top of the Razer Enki is reasonably straight; the bottom has a tight curve and is extruded to serve as a companion to your lower back. It’s not quite as pronounced as the hanging pillow at Iskur, meaning Razer Enki has a more traditional look.




Convenience and Customization

In terms of adaptability, the Razer Enki features a tilt of up to 152 degrees with a convenient lever to help you adjust it to suit your needs. The 4D armrest is highly adjustable; it can rotate and slide in or out, allowing you to increase or decrease according to your most comfortable position. You don’t have to turn any knobs, pull any levers, or press any buttons to sit at the angle you want. Even if you tilt it anywhere, the chair offers solid support around the clock (and it’s always nice to feel safe and confident you won’t fall out of your chair when you lean back). As for the wheels and mobility, this chair glides smoothly.

This chair relies on a sturdy aluminum base, so it also feels solid when rolled up and is more durable than a gaming chair with a plastic base. The Razer Enki also features a memory foam headrest pillow that perfectly fits the seat’s contours, providing another comfort factor that I didn’t expect to make a noticeable difference. Your neck feels like it’s resting on something soft, and now you refuse to move to another chair without getting the same pillow.





Razer’s claim of a chair guides you to the ideal seating posture

Despite wanting a little extra customization, Razer Enki never made me feel sick. Even after hours of Gaming, I played for 10 or 11 hours; the first time, I woke up after 5 hours in the chair and realized that I felt no pain and fatigue. I realized there was something special here. The balance between firmer foam on the back and softer on the seat, the ergo curve of the lumbar support, and the memory foam headrest pillow tempts me to fall asleep outside of my working hours. The memory foam pillow is excellent; it hugs my neck while still working as a regular pillow.


  • Very comfortable for hours of sitting
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable price
  • Minimal yet Premium Design, Comfortable, Customizable Armrests
  • Decent back support
  • Cheaper than the Iskur
  • Solid and robust build quality


  • Not great for shorter people


The Razer Enki is now available on the Razer website for US$399.00


The Razer Enki watch costs around $339.99. That may not be a small amount of money for some. Still, Overall, if you are looking for a new gaming chair, especially one that can comfortably accommodate you for hours while you play games or work, Razer Enki helps you and can be added to the list. It effectively does what it’s designed to do — painlessly inhaling new life and comfort into your sitting stamina while maintaining a cutting-edge appearance. As well as a very premium look, you get a chair that feels like it’s worth every penny spent on it. So don’t let the cost put you off if you can afford it.

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