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Razer Iskur x Genshin Impact Review, Goliathus , DeathAdder V2 Pro


Razer Iskur X Genshin Impact and Goliathus Speed ​​Medium, DeathAdder V2 Pro

Razerthink – At the beginning of last October, at the Tokyo Game Show 2021, miHoYo officially announced its collaboration with Razer to bring various gaming products with the theme of Genshin Impact, one of them is Razer Iskur x Genshin Impact. Known as one of the leading manufacturers of gaming products, of course, the collaboration with Genshin Impact is no joke and will indeed offer high quality.

The good news is that gamers interested in the products of the collaboration between Genshin Impact and Razer can pre-order starting today through the official website. Some collaboration products that can be ordered are the Razer Iskur x Genshin Impact, Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Gaming Mouse and the medium-sized Razer Goliathus Speed ​​Mouse Mat.

Every purchase of a mouse will give you a bonus of 200 Primogems, as well as the purchase of a Razer Goliathus Speed ​​– Medium Genshin Impact Edition mousepad, and there will be a bonus of 30 Primogems.


Here’s the complete set of Genshin Impact:

  • Guide your hands with the Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro Genshin Impact. Bonus In-game Reward 200 Primogems, Mora x80,000.
  • Let’s take control flight with Razer Goliathus Medium Genshin Impact Bonus In-game Reward 30 Primogems, Adventurer Experience x.
  • He’s got your back with the Razer Iskur x Genshin Impact Bonus In-game Reward 500 Primogems, Hero Wit x20, Mora x100,000.


On the other hand

Razer also offers customization for the Orochi V2 mouse and the Gigantus V2 mousepad. Gamers can design their mouse and mousepad with the Genshin Impact theme provided by Razer. As a Genshin Impact fan, of course, having a favorite game-themed product is a necessity, right?


If you have pre-ordered gaming products made by Razer in collaboration with Genshin Impact, the shipping will start on December 9. One of the quite awaited products, namely the Razer Iskur X gaming chair, is still not available for pre-order. You can keep watching the official website for more detailed information.

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