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Razer Enki X Review, Razer Enki vs Enki X, Chair, Price


Razer Enki X Review

Razerthink – Razer made a gaming chair and hit the market with the Iskur, but the $499 chair is specifically made for people with Eid money in their pockets. The Enki is a cheaper Razer gaming chair than the iskur, and the Razer Enki X is an affordable model. At $299.99 for a Razer product, it’s very affordable. Finding the perfect chair for your gaming or work needs is no easy task.

Size, style, and quality vary as much as the person sitting there. Some of us prefer stylish seats like in a sports car with headrests, and others prefer wider waist support and seats. With the Razer Enki X, Razer is trying to build a chair that can meet the demands of gamers all day long. The result is a chair that promises to be worth considering and the Razer Iskur comfort as its guide.


Recommended weight Less than 300 pounds
Less than 136kg
Recommended height 5’5″ to 6’8″
166cm to 204cm
Chair cover color Green, black, quartz
Chair cover material EPU synthetic leather
Base Aluminium base
Frame Steel frame
Armrests 4D metal-reinforced armrests
Casters 60mm PU coated casters
Gas lift class Class 4
Foam rype High-density PU molded foam
Warranty 36 months
Total recline angle 152 degrees
Adjustable headrest Memory foam headrest pillow



Assembling the Razer Enki X

You can set it up fairly quickly without any problems in the assembly process. The instructions are clear, and the tools they provide feel a bit higher quality than the regular disposable kits provided with other chairs. A pair of black cloth gloves with green trim adds a luxurious feel to the assembly.

The build

The seats are quite comfortable. I come from a seat made like an airplane seat; the Razer Enki X is mostly flat, and the front of the chair is 21″ wide. This comfort generally extends to the backrest. The Razer Enki X is slightly curved at the top of the backrest, which supports my shoulders well when I sit up straight in the chair. The Razer Enki X has a 2D armrest that can be adjusted up and down and tilted horizontally. Razer Enki has a 4D armrest which adds another dimension to what is customizable. 2D is fine for me.

Razer Enki X looks sleek and attractive. The curves along the back are a little less striking and more organic than most gaming chairs, and the seat and back are trimmed a bit with a diamond quilting pattern instead of flat faux leather. The green stitching on the edges and the green Razer logo on the headrest build on branding and gamer-ness without looking absurd. The faux leather is pretty good, featuring two textures on the seat. Diamond-lined faux leather on the back and direct seat, where the seat meets your body, is soft and smooth with a matte finish, except for a stiffer strip that runs along the spine.

The material is visually appealing and sturdy. Padding Razer Enki X also uses a double material. The seat foam is slightly softer than back foam, so you feel more cushion under you and firmer support behind you. Those touches and the soft-formed waist support give the chair an overall feeling of comfort.





Some things that are deducted in the Razer Enki X

Components outside of the main seat section are where Razer skimps a bit compared to its predecessors. With an adjustable armrest height and horizontal angle, You can’t slide it left, right, forward, or backward like you would in the Enki chair. And the Razer Enki X armrests aren’t as fully metal-reinforced as the Enki armrests, and the simple matte black piping that attaches to the seats looks less stylish.

The underside of the seat attaches to the gas cylinder in its base with simple metal plates instead of a heavier hinge mechanism. This means you can’t tilt the seat back like you can in Enki. You can still recline the chair up to 152 degrees by pulling the lever on the right side of the chair, but you cannot recline with the full seat.

Comfortable Quality

I will give the Razer Enki X a comfortable chair to sit on for a long time. I can sit in a chair all day while I play games, sit for up to 12 hours or more, if not more, and have no problem sitting discomfort on the Enki X. The Razer Enki X is designed for people between 5’5″ and 6’8″ who weigh less than 300 pounds. The back supports and shapes well to my body.

The seat provides a pleasantly soft feel while remaining sturdy, and the faux leather, especially the smooth diamond-covered material, looks and feels premium despite the low cost of the chair. The disadvantages of the Razer Enki can be compromised by reducing the cost of the seat. The armrest is also annoying because it can’t be locked in position. I regularly find myself nudging the armrest in or out with an elbow thrust.





  • Very comfortable for hours of sitting
  • Cool environmentally friendly design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Reasonable price


  • No tilt mechanism
  • Lacks 4D armrests


The Razer EnkinX is now available on the Razer website for  US$299.00


The Razer Enki and Razer Enki X provide all-day comfort thanks to their wider, flatter bottom cushion than a typical gaming chair. The lower starting price, design, and ease of assembly make it an easy recommendation. Some of the minor gripes described above are covered compared to the value of the Razer Enki X and the high-quality components used in the seat and back. The Razer Enki X is simply a comfortable, well-crafted chair that reduces the $300 price tag by saving on the bottom plate and armrest. If your budget is solid in that range, this is one of the best options available.

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