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How to use Chroma Connect


Razerthink- Chroma Connect is a module in Synapse that enables control for all Chroma-enabled applications and third-party hardware. You can sync all your Chroma-enabled devices from one convenient dashboard with Chroma-integrated games and apps for a truly immersive lighting experience.

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For users with Synapse 3 installed:

1. Make sure your Razer Synapse 3 is up to date.

2. Launch Synapse 3 and select “MODULES.”


3. If you already have Chroma Connect and need to remove or reinstall it, hover over Chroma Connect, click the “x” icon on the module, and click the “DELETE” button. To reinstall, restart Synapse and follow the steps below.

4. Hover over Chroma Connect and select “ADD.” Wait for Chroma Connect to finish downloading.



5. Once Chroma Connect is downloaded, click “INSTALL & RESTART.”



6. After Chroma Connect has been successfully installed and Synapse 3 has restarted, the “CONNECT” tab will now be available.



For users who don’t have Synapse 3 installed:

  1. Install Razer Synapse 3. See How to install Razer Synapse 3.
  2. Note: During the installation process, the user will also be asked for the option to install the module. Select “CHROMA CONNECT


How to detect supported devices

  1. Weaken supported third parties.
  2. Launch Synapse 3 and go to CONNECT > DEVICES.
  3. Supported devices will be displayed on the left side.
  4. You can turn on or off the device for Chroma Connect to customize settings lighting via Synapse 3.


How to configure lighting effects

  1. Launch Synapse 3 and go to CONNECT > DEVICES.
  2. Supported devices will be able to use the same Chroma settings that Razer devices have. You can choose Quick Effects or Advanced Effects.

Quick Effects

  • Breathing
  • Fire
  • Reactive
  • Ripples
  • Spectrum Cycling
  • Starlight
  • Static
  • Waving

Advanced Effects

Third-party devices can also use Chroma Studio to adjust RGB settings according to user preferences.

In Chroma Studio, third-party devices will be represented by the logo of the third-party manufacturer.

For more details on how to use Chroma Studio, see How to use Chroma Studio in Synapse 3.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up a Razer Chroma connection?

How to Detect Supported Devices

  • Try connecting your third-party device.
  • Launch Synapse 3 and go to CONNECT then DEVICES.
  • Supported devices will be displayed on the left.
  • You can turn on or off the device for Chroma Connect to adjust lighting settings via Synapse 3.

What does Chroma Connect do?

Chroma Connect is a Razer Synapse module that controls all Chroma-enabled apps and third-party hardware—supported Third Party Hardware. Check out Razer’s Chroma Workshop for more details.

Why won’t my Razer Chroma connect?

You need to check if your RGB device and video game support Razer Chroma. Go to Razer Synapse > Connect. Check if your RGB device is detected under “DEVICE” and enable “CHROMA CONNECT.” Click “APPS” and check if Razer Synapse detects your game successfully.

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